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Compass clients are forward-thinking organizations that see their future potential and desire to find the shortest path to succcess and growth in their industry. We build strong, long-term relationships with our clients and they become part of our story.

The Council for Relationships (CFR) is a nonprofit organization that provides counseling services, trains clinicians, and conducts behavioral health research. CFR embarked on a journey to implement an electronic practice management system. 

"We retained Compass Consulting Solutions (CCS) to identify practice management software options. CCS met with staff, reviewed agency materials, and quickly understood our business, our processes, and the time and financial constraints on our automation effort.  Having successfully identified several viable alternatives, we hired CCS to continue to work with a board and staff committee to test the top options and to negotiate pricing. CCS remained available to us as we worked through implementation and went live.  Our Consultant, Nicole Jamison, is a true professional - she is knowledgeable and easy to work with.  We owe much of the success of our automation efforts' success to Nicole."


Amy Friedlander, CEO for Council for Relationships

The mission of Oklahoma State University Health Services is to provide the students  with outpatient medical care, preventative medicine and educational opportunities that are of superior quality, accessible and affordable. University Health Services made a decisin to implement an electronic practice management system to automate their process and improve the care being delivered to their students.

"I honestly believe that our Consultant, Nicole Jamison, could herd cats effectively. In our initial meeting, she reviewed the plan of action and addressed all questions or concerns. In our weekly meetings, Nicole was consistently prepared and ready to go but not to the point of being inflexible. She brought a structured, well-developed approach to the implementation process; however, she possesses such empathy that she can quickly and readily adapt the plan to your level of understanding. Our onsite training was effective because Nicole is an educator, not just a trainer. With each process, she explained the objectives, demonstrated the necessary tools in the context of our processes, then guided us through the task in hands-on exercises. Take all of these skills and add her energy, enthusiasm, and sense of fun and you understand why Nicole is really good at what she does."

Jay Boyington, IT Mgr University Health Services, Oklahoma State University


FMC is a global leader utilizing advanced technologies and customer-focused research and development to provide innovative and cost-effective solutions to virtually unlimited markets such as food and agriculture, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and many specialty industries. To manage the breadth of projects FMC undertakes, they committed to implementing a Project Portfolio Management tool focused on the goal of enterprise-wide standardization and reportng capabilities.

FMC Testimonial text


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